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Voices from the margins of power

What is Sujag

Sujag is a digital media platform dedicated to the voices from the margins of power in Pakistan.

This is how we like to define ourselves:

We are in no rush; we break no news

We do not believe that journalism has to be fast and furious in order to be effective. Instead of mimicking and parroting the mainstream media in a rush, we prefer to pause and ponder and fact-check and contextualize everything before reporting it. We give more value to how and why of what's happening around us. It takes time and effort to walk that extra mile and to dig deeper.

Neutrality is a hoax; we take sides

Let’s admit – journalism is always partial. We make no bones about our intentions. We are partial to the marginalized, the unheard and the silenced. When it comes to editorial choices, we openly take the side of the oppressed and the suppressed, the unheard and the wronged. We are aware that we cannot please all the people all the time. We are not in the business of selling ice cream anyway.

Ours is not the ultimate or the only truth

Sujag is mindful that the truth it reports may not be the ultimate or the only truth out there. We are always ready to review and revise our stances if and when new evidence so requires. We do not suppress any fact or point of view that does not sit well with our own worldview. We listen to everyone with a stake in our work and strive to engage them in a meaningful dialogue – to agree to disagree if not more.

We report from margins, and not centers, of power

We don't cozy up with the powerful and not report from the corridors of power. We stand at the margins and report from there. Sujag reports from the non-metropolitan areas – rural districts and small towns – that find no mention in mainstream. We tell untold stories from the communities that are left behind and made invisible. We take up issues that are preferably ignored or willfully hushed up by the powerful.

We don't sell eyeballs; we are ad-free

We don’t consider our readers worth a whitening cream lie, a potato chips trick or any other corporate fraud. We are not beholden to big money. We can’t claim to be reporting truth on the one hand and on the other help companies propagate misleading claims or peddle outright lies in the name of advertising. Our readers are anyway not ‘eyeballs’ for us that could be sold to the highest bidder. We are ad free.

We are a community

Sujag is not beholden to big money or power. We don’t even have a saith to please. We have set high ideals and tough values for ourselves. So how do we survive, sustain and grow? We believe that our goals are neither impractical nor impossible to follow. Our readers’ trust in our work is all that is needed. Together we form an organic community.

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