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Voices from the margins of power

Sujag is a group of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They contribute to the day to day running of this digital media platform in various capacities -- as staff members, freelance contributors, volunteers and supporters.

Here is a brief introduction of the main team members:

Muhammad Badar Alam

Muhammad Badar Alam is the chief editor of Sujag.

He has worked with leading news organizations of Pakistan since 1992, including Jang Group of Newspapers and Dawn Media Group. He has been editor of Pakistan’s best known English monthly, Herald, for nine years and has also worked as the deputy editor of South Asian Free Media Association’s news website, South Asia Media Net, in the early 2000s.

Badar did his master’s in English language and literature from the Punjab University, Lahore, and a postgraduate diploma in conflict resolution from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

Sumaira Aslam

Sumaira Aslam is a senior editor at Sujag. 

She started her career as a reporter for Islamabad-based English daily, The Muslim, back in the 1990s and has, since then, worked at several leading news organizations in many parts of the world, including BBC Radio, BBC TV and BBC website in London, Voice of America in Washington DC and CNBC. She has a vast experience of producing audio, video and text based media content both in English and Urdu. At the height of her reporting career, she also covered war in Afghanistan and Pakistan-India conflict in Siachen, the world's highest and coldest war theatre.

Sumaira holds a master’s degree in Terrorism & Security from the King’s College, London, and another master’s degree in International Relations from the Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal is a senior member of Sujag’s editorial team.

He has previously worked as a copy editor and news producer with major print and broadcast media outlets including Daily Express, Pakistan Today, Aaj News, Express News and Dunya News television network. He has also translated a number of literary, political and philosophical works into Urdu, including War and Peace (Tolstoy), On the Meaning of Life (Will Durant), Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War (Che Guevara) and Speeches and Writings of Bhagat Singh.

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Asif Riaz

Asif Riaz is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

He has been in journalism for the last 15 years, including a stint as a sports reporter for the Lahore-based Urdu daily Express. For the last five years, he has been working with Sujag as a reporter and a videographer. He has made a name for himself for his exclusive sports coverage from small towns and has done some groundbreaking reporting on agriculture economy.

He possesses a master’s degree in political science from the Punjab University, Lahore

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Fatima Razzaq

Fatima Razzaq is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

A gender rights activist for the last couple of years, she has been working with the survivors of sexual assault. She has also worked in many community engagement projects as a feminist organizer.

Fatima has previously been a project manager and coordinator at an educational consultancy firm for four years. She has also been a public speaking Instructor for the last two years and is a policymaker and policy enforcer at national and international debating tournaments.

She holds a graduate degree from the Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore.

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Zahid Ali

Zahid Ali is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

Apart from having worked at the editorial desk of Naya Daur news platform, he has also been a researcher at Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). An award-winning debater, he has been active in student politics since the time he was studying at the Government College University, Lahore. He has been similarly associated with various leftwing political groups as a mobilizer and organizer.

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Arooj Aurangzeb

Arooj Aurangzeb is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

She has worked as a research assistant at the history department of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for two years and also as a teacher at a private school in Lahore. She has received training in political mobilization and activism from Brazil and has been active in Lahore’s leftwing political groups since 2015.

Arooj graduated from the Institute of Communication Studies at the Punjab University, with a specialization in Public Relations.

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Raza Gillani

Raza Gillani is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

He has been involved in student movement for several years and has also worked with various projects pertaining to history, urbanization, women’s rights and religious politics.

Raza headed the debate team at the Government College University, Lahore, during his studies there and has been a part of leftwing groups for the last many years.

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Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer Ahmed is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

He has been working in the news media since 2011, including with Roznama Dunya and Geo TV. He has also written short movies and dramas on domestic violence and other social subjects.

Tanveer has a master’s degree in Urdu literature.

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Faryal Ahmed

Faryal Ahmed is a member of Sujag’s editorial team.

She has been an educational trainer at public schools for low-income students and has also worked as editor for a publishing house that prepares books and guides for various government service exams.

Faryal has done her graduation from the Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore, with a focus on international relations.

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Shoaib Tariq

Shoaib Tariq is a member of Sujag’s multimedia production team.

He has been associated with Sujag for the last 12 years and has worked as a research assistant, graphic designer, video producer and video editor. He also works as a camera person and production coordinator.

Shoaib has a master's degree in English literature from the Punjab University.

Momal Tahir

Momal Tahir Zaidi is a member of Sujag’s multimedia production team.

She has been working with Sujag for the last three years, mostly as a videographer, graphic designer and a non-linear editor.

Momal has studied media and mass communications and also holds a diploma in web design and development.

Usama Irfan

Usama Irfan is a member of Sujag’s multimedia production team.

He works as a videographer, video editor and reporter. Before joining Sujag, he made several award-winning short films.

Usama has studied filmmaking and media from a private university in Lahore.

Suman Ali

Suman Ali Lashari works is a member of the social media team at Sujag.

She has been involved in advocacy and awareness campaigns to highlight the issue of acid attacks in Pakistan and works closely with government and non-government organizations for amending laws governing the sale of acid in the country. She has previously worked at the Accountability Lab as an accountaperneur and a documentary maker.

She has a graduate degree in statistics from the Punjab University, Lahore.

Asghar Zaidi

Asghar Zaidi is heading the social media team at Sujag.

He has been a journalist for three decades. During this period he has worked with major print and electronic media companies including Jang, Nawa-i-Waqat and Duniya TV. In 2012, he moved to digital media and since then has been playing a variety of roles in Sujag's editorial and multimedia team.

Tahir Mehdi

Tahir Mehdi is Sujag's chief executive.

Educated at the National College of Arts, Lahore, he has been involved in a number of political, cultural and developmental initiatives since the mid-1980s. One of his many contributions in this regard is the compilation and editing of a three-volume compendium on Pakistan's electoral history.

A founder member of Punjab Lok Sujag, he also has a vast experience in journalism. He worked as the news editor of English daily The News between 1992 and 1995 and reports and writes frequently for daily Dawn,, Herald and The News on Sunday on a variety of historical, cultural, political and economic subjects, including agriculture, elections, democratic transition and minority rights.

Shafiq Butt

Shafiq Butt is a senior member of the management staff at Sujag.

He has been a political and social activist since his student years and has been affiliated with various leftwing groups since the 1980s. He has been a member of Sujag’s core team since the 1990s and, in this capacity, has worked on multiple projects involving research, advocacy and public mobilization.

An educationist by profession, he has also been working as daily Dawn’s district correspondent in Sahiwal since the late 2000s.

He has a master’s degree in philosophy.

Amir Butt

Amir Butt is a senior member of Sujag’s management team.

An avid activist for the cause of Punjabi language and culture, he has organized Lyallpur Punjabi Literary Festival for five consecutive years before the Covid-19 put a stop to it. He has previously worked with Punjab Urban Resource Center as a researcher and a social mobilizer and has been associated with Sujag since 2014 in various administrative and editorial capacities.

Aneesa Kalsoom

Aneesa Kalsoom Iqbal is a member of Sujag’s management team.

She has an ACCA degree with over six years of working experience in accounting and finance. She takes care of Sujag’s finances, taxes and other related matters.

Khalid Amin

Khalid Amin is Sujag’s Administrative Officer.

He has been a part of Sujag since 2001. During this period, he has overseen various administrative affairs.

Naeem Ahmed

Naeem Ahmed is a member of Sujag’s district reporting team.

He is based in Faisalabad and has been involved in journalism for over a decade. Identifying inequalities facing the society and raising voice for the rights of the marginalized classes is the main focus of his writings. He has served with Sujag in various capacities since its inception.

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Ghulam Dastagir

A Peshawar-based investigative journalist, Ghulam Dastagir is a member of Sujag’s district reporting team.

In 22 years of his career, he has worked for leading Pakistani news organizations such as The News and Herald. He has been reporting on human rights, religious extremism and sectarian politics – among other topics. He has also done a number of investigative reports on security operations against religious militants.

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Shahzad Ali

Shahzad Ali is a member of Sujag’s district reporting team.

He is based in Larkana and has been doing reporting for the last 20 years for various print publications and television channels. In 2020, he started working in the digital medium as well by reporting for Sujag. His areas of interest include politics, human rights, agriculture and healthcare.

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Jalaludin Mughal

Jalaludin Mughal is a member of Sujag’s district reporting team.

He is a freelance journalist and researcher who has been reporting regularly on Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and usually covers citizen rights. His work has been published in New York Times, Independent Urdu and various other online platforms.

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Muhammad Israr

Muhammad Israr is a member of Sujag’s district reporting team.

He is based in Lower Dir and has been associated with the news media for the last 26 years. He has been reporting and writing for various regional and national newspapers and magazines. Since 2009, he has been regularly working for daily Jang and Pashto language television channel Khyber news as a district correspondent.

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